What material are the handbags made of?

All of our handbags are made from quality Italian leather.
PŠ.OBJECTS handbags are unique because they are made in a combination of leather and ceramic.
PETIT handbags from the HOMMAGE collection are made of leather, including the inner part. You can accessorize your handbags with Clay Sparks’ unique ceramic elements, which can easily be swapped out depending on the occasion.
PETIT POCKET handbags from the HOMMAGE collection are made of leather, the inner part is satin. The handbags include chains.

Are the ceramic parts of handbags fragile?

The ceramic parts of the handbag have the same properties as any other ceramic. Ceramic is very hard and durable, but it must be handled with care. The cables must not fall to the ground or other surface as their ceramic parts may crack or otherwise become damaged. Ceramic elements can also be scratched or otherwise damaged by other sharp or hard objects falling on them.

How are the handbags packed?

PETIT handbags from the HOMMAGE collection and PŠ.OBJECTS handbags will come with a luxury protective dust bag, all packed in a beautiful handmade box. We recommend keeping the handbag in the dust bag and the box at the same time.

What makes your PŠ.OBJECTS handbags so original?

PŠ.OBJECTS handbags represent a unique combination of leather and ceramic, which you can only find here. When you buy our PŠ.OBJECTS handbags, you get a piece of art that you can both wear and display indoors as a work of art. We only ever make one of each design, so our customers own unique works of art that you won’t find anywhere else. Each handbag has a serial number.

How many days does it take for ordered goods to arrive?

It takes a lot of passion, honest work and love to create a BONCLÉ handbag. PETIT POCKET can be produced in 2 weeks, PETIT in 4 weeks, PŠ.OBJECTS – limited collection in 4 months.
If you need to get the goods earlier, we can make arrangements. Contact us, we are here for you!

Which countries does BONCLÉ supply to?

Using DHL express, we ship to 200 countries and regions worldwide.

How much will I pay in taxes and customs duties?

Customs fees and taxes are not included in the price of the goods, they will be charged together according to the rules of the country of delivery.

How much will I pay for shipping?

Shipping is included in the price and is properly insured. In case of purchase over 8 500 CZK, the shipping is free.

How to take care of handbags?

Please visit our information page on this topic. How to care for our products?

Where are the handbags made?

All our products are handmade in our studio in Prague, Czech Republic.

Do you make custom handbags?

Yes, our handbags can be custom made to your preferences and ideas. You can meet directly with the designer, with whom you can fine-tune everything down to the smallest detail.Contact the designer.

Does each handbag have a serial number?

PŠ.OBJECTS handbags and the HOMMAGE – PETIT collection have serial numbers.

What are Clay Sparks and how to treat them?

Clay Sparks are ceramic elements that you place in the center of your handbag to add another dimension to your outfit. Handbags can look different every time thanks to Clay Sparks.
Our accessories will make you a strong, confident woman. Each element is named after one of the femmes fatales who inspire us.
Become one of them

Do you have another question? Contact us, we are here for you!
Information on how to care for the supplements can be found HERE.