Addicted to art. Courageous with a high niveau of beauty and functionality. This is what defines each of the BONCLÉ handbags, which enable you to manifest your individuality. We are here for powerful and self-confident women, who are not afraid to stand out and can appreciate variability, honest craftsmanship and refined style.

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Handbag collections are created in a limited number of pieces. Each handbag is designated with its own serial number and no two handbags are the same.

Made to order craftsmanship respecting the individual wishes of customers adds to the uniqueness of the handbags – we always sew directly for a specific owner. She can fine-tune the handbag according to her own liking during a meeting with the designer.


In our BONCLÉ studio, located directly in the heart of Europe, we create works of art that will make your everyday elegance special.

We conscientiously select all our leather materials and process them with utmost precision and attention even to the minutest of details. All our artwork is handcrafted. For our round handbags, we have even devised a special sewing method

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Let´s take a different perspective on ceramics. This quite traditional and very decorative material can enrich our playful approach to fashion by new elements and moods. Your handbag can evoke a completely different emotion in the morning than in the evening thanks to the Clay Sparks ceramic accessories. After all, it is universally acknowledged that the devil is in the details.

You may just as well stir your emotions by the alluring beauty of flowers. What about white rose as a symbol of innocence, geranium as an embodiment of all the wandering souls or parrot tulip for all those, who are wild and indominable? Or something completely different? Enter this flourishing garden in bloom with unique patterns that brighten up any occasion.

Decorative patterns together with genuine Swarovski crystals can also add passion to your quotidian moments. Each piece is an original and each evokes a different memory and emotion. All of them, though, will become a charming part of your personality.

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No fashion trends dictate, in BONCLÉ we follow our own creative path. The PŠ.OBJECTS collection captivates the world of natural motifs and glances into the burlesque. The HOMMAGE collection draws on the stories of real femmes fatales – from their power, desire and charm


Design, art, and fashion – my three greatest passions, that I adopt when creating bespoke handbags, and which I have unified under the name Bonclé. The objects, that I create fall quite definitively under the “niche” category. I have never had much interest in creating mainstream and I do not like to compromise in regards to the quality of the craftsmanship and design originality. My wish would be for my Bonclé products to live a double life – either they shall come to life as handbags or remain the still items of interior design.
Each time I am combining certain leathers, mixing threads and lifting the paintbrush, in-front of my eyes I see you – a confident, unique woman who still carries a certain fragile elegance, which yearns to be gifted and adorned by something truly extraordinary.

My wish would be for my Bonclé world to also become yours.

Petra Šafářová
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