As children, we lived and breathed in dreams and fairytales, our world full of magical adventures and great plans. With adulthood came strength, yearning, and charisma. As we grew into women we became fearless warriors, who had in some ways lost their dreams of fairytales, but in other ways held onto the child within us whose whispers we occasionally hear. Women who battle with reality, that can bring us down to our knees, but also make us stronger and push us further, day after day we still search for the beauty in the vast color palette of life. Within we keep the grains of our childhood.

Although we are strong, enchanting and ambitious, there is a little Alice in Wonderland lost in our hearts, but simultaneously we yearn to manifest a femme fatale, whose charisma and beauty en-chants all. We pay homage to the past as we draw strength from the women of History, women who had fought for their rights as well as the rights of others. Inspiration stems from the fate of those great women, who have in our hearts replaced fairytale heroines. Yearning to move closer and taste the sensation of walking into the room and stopping time.

With the “Hommage” collection we pay tribute to the child within us, to women who had inspired us, to our mothers and their mothers, and young women fighting for greatness.



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