Design, art, and fashion – my three greatest passions, that I adopt when creating bespoke handbags, and which I have unified under the name Bonclé. The objects, that I create fall quite definitively under the “niche” category. I have never had much interest in creating mainstream and I do not like to compromise in regards to the quality of the craftsmanship and design originality. My wish would be for my Bonclé products to live a double life – either they shall come to life as handbags or remain the still items of interior design.


Each time I am combining certain leathers, mixing threads and lifting the paintbrush, in-front of my eyes I see you – a confident, unique woman who still carries a certain fragile elegance, which yearns to be gifted and adorned by something truly extraordinary.
My wish would be for my Bonclé world to also become yours.


With love,


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